Get Chloe Moretz’s Pastel Nails: STRANGEBEAUTIFUL

Chloe Moretz’s multi-coloured pastel birthday manicure  was too cute and had us on the hunt for the perfect set of polishes to recreate the look; this is where the STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Inept Laundress Library of Colour steps in.

10th Anniversary Of Teen Vogue And Aeropostale's Celebration Of Chloe Grace Moretz's Sweet 16 At Aeropostale Times Square February 7, 2013 In NYC

Pastel nails have been big every summer over the past few years, and the good news is they’re here to stay. STRANGEBEAUTIFUL creator Jane Schub was inspired to create this range by nothing less than her disastrous laundry skills believe it or not! Ok, so an old off white t-shirt you managed to throw in the washing machine along with your fuchsia knickers isn’t exactly VIP, but hear us out on this one.


The Inept Laundress set contains ten beautiful pastel shades ranging from the most muted of greens to the palest of pinks and could easily pass for a work of art sat on your dressing table. Shades this pale are notorious for being streaky and thin, meaning five coats and an hour later and you’re still not left with an opaque finish. Well, these pack a punch in pigmentation and leave you with a creamy, solid colour in just two coats – impressive! As they’re so similar in tone the colours all look amazing worn together too, which is perfect for recreating Chloe’s birthday cake inspired mix and match manicure.

At £65 this set is for the more hardcore nail polish lovers amongst us, but if you want to justify splashing the cash on this beautiful ‘library’ of colours then think of it as £6.50 a nail polish – that’s pretty darn cheap considering the quality! If you’re ready to take the plunge and enter into pastel nail heaven then visit Cult Beauty and pop this set in your basket, it’s pricey but so worth it.

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