FaceB4: A Posh Skin Product For Under £15

One of the most vibrant, sexy and generally attention-grabbing women I’ve ever met is Victoria Beckham. People are sceptical when I tell them this but check out the photo below. When I met her the first thing I did was ask for her beauty secrets…


So what did Mrs B tell me? Her first tip was ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ and her second tip was to look around until I found a product that was right for me. Don’t believe the hype! Her third piece of advice was to buy her perfume (which is nice but I’m still experimenting with that one…)

I’ve been looking around for years to find a skin product that is suitable for my skin (oily round the T-zone and dry in other areas) and I think I’m there now – which is why I want to share some exciting news with you. This is the Face B4 foaming face wash. It contains equal amounts of wash and toner in separate nozzles so when you push down the pump it comes up together in a light foam mixture.



I’ve used it for two weeks now and I have noticed a difference already. My skin tone feels more even. Immediately my skin felt clean without any tightness and I haven’t had any hint of a breakout despite having a lot of late nights recently. When I read the press release I discovered why. Apparently FaceB4 contains the highest percentage of antibacterial fighting ingredients than any other face wash brand currently sold here in the UK.

And that’s not all…after you feel clean you can care for your skin even more with a serum that is rich without being too oily on my T-Zone area. And trust me, I have suffered with the T-Zone issue in the past when it comes to serums. It contains tons of vitamins too – A, B, B5 and E – so it made me feel like I was definitely being kind to my skin.


If you gave me this product (perhaps without the teenagers on the label) and asked me to estimate how much it cost then I would put it on a level with Proactiv, which is £39.99 for the three step system. However, the Face B4 wash is £14.95. If you buy it with the serum you save £5 at Boots Online.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a face wash with people on the front of the packaging, which did shock me at first, but the more I used the product the less it bothered me. I would definitely recommend it to everyone and I may even stop experimenting so much with my skincare…why shop around when you have something that makes your skin feel fresh? And ladies, you can always stick something else over the teenagers on the label if that bothers you.

If you try it let me know what you think? Tweet me @zoegriffin or Tweet @FaceB4 directly.


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