Kelly Osbourne’s £160,000 Nail Polish: Azature Black Diamonds

Kelly Osbourne caused quite the stir when she showed up to the Emmys with her £160,000 black diamond manicure by Azature back in September, and now the polish has been made available to buy at Selfridges.


Responsible for the creation of this nail revelation is celebrity jewellery designer Azature; their black diamond nail polish is currently retailing at an unbelievably, eye-wateringly, ridiculously expensive £160,000! Crazy, right?! Whilst we’re not going to be clambering to get our hands on the single bottle of the stuff being sold exclusively at Selfridges, we must admit we’re a little intrigued by this decadent polish.


Azature’s black diamond nail polish itself contains 267 carats of black diamonds, whilst the bottle has a platinum sterling cap and is encrusted with 60 hand-set black diamonds. If that’s not VIP, then we don’t know what is! It has to be admitted that the black diamond polish did look lovely on Kelly’s nails, but is it worth the whopping price tag? We think not!


Thankfully, for those of us that don’t have £160,000 stashed away ready to blow on a single bottle of diamond encrusted nail varnish, Azature has created a more affordable version of the black diamonds polish and it comes in several colours. It’s still pretty expensive at £17, but like its more luxurious counterpart it also contains real black diamonds, so maybe it’s just about worth it. If you fancy a bit of glamour, the more affordable Azature black diamond polishes can also be purchased at Selfridges.

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