Get Cara Delevingne’s Big Brows In Three Simple Steps

Thanks to Queen Delevingne bushy brows are back with a bang. Whilst Cara claims she’s never touched hers, we weren’t all born with gorgeous full eyebrows. However, thanks to a few wonderfully cheap beauty buys and not a lot of effort, you can cheat and channel the big brow look (we won’t tell if you don’t.)


A bold brow frames the face like nothing else, and if you’ve never picked up an eyebrow pencil or angled brush, then now is the time! Trust us, you won’t believe the difference it makes! So, here are three simple steps towards achieving Cara’s big, bold brows…

1. The Spoolie


Perhaps the most amusingly named beauty tool ever invented, but a godsend when it comes to unruly brows. You can pick these up for next to nothing either in the beauty section at the supermarket or in Boots and Superdrug. Simply take your spoolie and comb it through your brows to tame any hairs sticking out in odd directions. If you’re a bit more fancy, you could buy a proper brow/lash comb, but a plain old spoolie will do the job just as well!


2. The Brow Powder


When it comes to filling in your brows, it’s important to find the right colour match. MAC sell a huge array of matte eyeshadows that are perfect for filling in brows with an angled brush. Sleek and Benefit also do great affordable brow kits containing powder and an angled brush, so you’ve got everything in one place. Really make a concious effort not to pick a shade even the tiniest bit darker than your natural brow colour though, we want to stay well away from the drag queen look here. Once you’ve found your perfect shade, take an angled brush, dip it in your powder, tap off the excess and begin to fill in those eyebrows.

Start about a third of the way along and go back to fill in the rest once there’s less product on your brush. If you’re a novice don’t be tempted to stray outside of your natural brow shape – this technique is best left to the pros (and by that I mean professional make-up artists who really know what they’re doing). Avoid creating too much of a harsh arch and beware of making them too square. Remember, when you’re done nobody should be able to tell you’ve done anything drastically different – it’s all about enhancing your natural eyebrows a la Cara.


3. The Setting Gel


If your brows are quite tame, a clear mascara should do the job for this step; you can pick these up from most cosmetics brands, but for a real bargain head to the Natural Collection stand in Boots (their’s is a mere £1.99). For the more unruly brows, try using a proper eyebrow gel. Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel is constantly raved about by industry insiders (and even Cara herself!), so try this if yours have trouble staying in place.

And there you have it, brows that rival those of Queen Delevingne. Well, maybe not quite, but near enough is good enough for us!

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