Zoe’s Kim Kardashian Challenge: Day Four

After doing three out of five sessions, I was actually quite confident when I started today’s class. That turned out to be a mistake. Do not assume anything when it comes to Barry’s Bootcamp.  There is always something new, and normally more difficult, to experience. Every time you come down the lift to basement level in their building near Euston station you need to take a deep breath and mentally prepare!


Today was the ever energetic Ollie as the instructor again. But I was feeling good so I breezed through an eight minute warm up run, where we went up by 2, down by 1.5 and then up by 2 so we were getting .5 higher at each time. I made it to a 10. Then I was fine when it came to adding some inclines, 3’s, 6’s, 9’s, 12’s – I gave it my all.

After this I noticed 16 minutes was on the treadmill so I was quite confused when we started working on speed again. I was even more confused when Ollie made us run for two minutes at a fast speed (around a 9 or a 10), bring it down to a slower run for one minute (around a 7) and then back up for two. This lasted for about another six minutes. How come we were doing 22 minute non-stop of running? Well, it lasted for 30 minute in the end. We did all the cardio at once. By 25minutes I was feeling reckless and ridiculously hyperactive – maybe I was so tired that I couldn’t think. When Ollie said give me your fastest ever speed to finish I put it up to 11 and ran for my life. I DID IT!

However, where there is a high there is a low and I have to say that the 30 minutes of floor work felt never ending today. After that exertion on my legs, at some points I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the floor work part of the class. I know I had used my legs to run but I must have been pumping my arms too as they felt weak. We were meant to be doing some back and shoulder exercises today but at the start I was swearing so much that I had to keep stopping and wipe my face with a towel or I’d have dripped over the floor. (Sorry, but I did tell you this would be an honest report)
The only way to get over it was to do the reps at half the speed as everyone else for a couple of sets. So while everyone else was standing on their resistance bands and doing biceps curls, I was echoing their movement but I was slow. And when it came time to isolate one arm and do one arm at a time I was also slow. Looking at the people next to me and looking at Ollie did make me feel guilty so I rejoined the pace for the stand up rowing exercises. I did some shoulder presses, some shoulder presses with squats and some side arm extensions and got through it by counting the sets. It was a TOUGH session.

As I left the reception area after class I remembered that there was no 23hours til my next morning class and felt mildly scared. I have never pushed myself so hard in my life!


Day 4 Verdict: I am constantly surprised by how hard I am working – or meant to work – in every session. Barry’s Bootcamp is not for the faint hearted! I don’t feel like I am the fittest in the class yet but that’s a good thing as it keeps me striving to work harder. I’ve never ever done an exercise class like it!

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