Zoe’s Kim Kardashian Challenge: Day Three

I climbed onto the treadmill with nervous anticipation today – I was not in the mood for 15-17 minutes of running. And maybe Shane read my mind because he announced that the treadmill / floor division was going to be new this session. We were going to do three short runs of about 10 minutes and then 10 floor in between. Yet another NEW thing to shock the body.


The first 10 minutes was all about hills. Previously, the first treadmill session of a class was about speed but we were told to get the inclines to 6.0 at the beginning of the run. Then we get them up 9.0 and briefly up to 12.0 (because you can’t run for very long at 12.0). Then we’re back down to 8.0 for two minutes – apparently this is the recovery period.

For the rest of the interval we reduce the incline by 2.0 every minute and increase the speed by .5 every time we reduce incline. I love how I always get pushed so hard at Barry’s – my legs were burning!

But just when I thought my legs could not hurt any more it was time to cross the rooms and get on the steps, grabbing some dumbbells on the way. Time to work that body!



We started by holding the weights and squatting, then leg exercises involving dumbbells, leg exercises involving stepping up on plates and then leg exercises involving jumping over the steps plus a few jump squats. It went from being a burn in my legs to a blaze!

For the second running session, we got into a bit of a jog. So far so good. And then we were told to turn round and jog backwards for two minutes. WHAT! I held onto the side of the treadmills but as you get better you can balance better. We then turned round again for one minute, backwards for two minutes and then built up to a sprint, increasing our speeds by 1 each minute. I did a 10.6 as I felt like I wanted to improve but knew I couldn’t possibly do 11.

DAY THREE VERDICT: I feel like I’m on a constant road of self-improvement at Barry’s. Feeling my legs burn to blaze made me realise that what I thought was painful in the past was actually nothing. I can go further and I can try new things. And talking of further, I now really want to get my speed past 10.6 as the  guy next to me today did 12! Also, I’m LOVING the post-workout Smoothie bar



Visit the Barrys Bootcamp website for more info

I’ll do a longer post today but I am exhausted!

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