Zoe’s Kardashian Fitness Challenge: Day Two

Have you ever had that feeling where you are really tired but THINK you may just about have enough energy to do what you’re meant to do? That was me before I started my second class of Barry.’s Bootcamp.


Honestly, I felt like I hadn’t recovered properly from day one (as I tend to rest the day after I’ve really exerted myself) But then I saw Ollie. I soon learned it’s impossible to feel tired when he’s around.



Like the day before it was lights down and music on full blast while we got onto a jog on the treadmill. Ollie shouted give me ‘fives and sixes and sevens’ and for once I didn’t get them confused with a Steps dance routine. I’m not a beginner any more. Could I try a 7? Well, I did a 6.5…

Ollie bounds up and down the room shouting about how sexy we look. I’m not sure sexy and running have ever gone together with me, the s word that applies with running is sweaty, but it’s always nice to get compliments. And when he leans over each treadmill to see what speed we’re running at I quite appreciate this. I do like having people check up on me. This time the running progresses from a warm up to a run pretty quickly. We’re encouraged to go up two full points on the speed for two minutes and then down 1.5 for one and then up two. Before I know it I get up to 10.5 and stayed there for one whole minute which is .5 faster than I ran yesterday.


This time the run was 17 minutes (I told you they shake things up) and then it was time for the floor sessions. We did a lot of dumbbell activities to really work our cores. At some points I did have to put down the weight and rest because 60 seconds of each exercise lasted forever. Then I discovered a tactic that worked for me, which was to break it down into small steps. If you count how many reptitions you do and allow yourself a teeny tiny break when you do 30 reps doing a 60 second set is much more achievable.

Then it’s back to the treadmills and to something completely new – what is known as dynamic mode. This means the treadmill doesn’t move but it’s not locked either. It’s up to us to power it by running and pushing at the same time. If you hold onto the front of the treadmill and lock your arms you run like you are pushing a heavy trolley. We started with a jog then we did it faster and then on an incline. I definitely felt it in my glutes though! Plus Ollie offered encouragement, telling us to think of it like we were pushing a shopping trolley containing all our favourite things. My imaginary trolley contained a Hernes handbag and I imagined I was running from a handbag thief. Weird? Yes. Did it help? Yes.

By the time this was over, I was on a high as I knew there was just one floor session left. Using my counting tactic it passed pretty quickly and they do say time flies when you are having fun.

DAY TWO VERDICT: I’m starting to like Barry’s more with every visit. The instructors really watch what you are doing so you push yourself, the beat of the music also inspires you to run faster and just when you think you have the hang of one speed or weight-lifting exercise it’s time to move onto something new. But after two visits I am really, really tired – how am I going to survive Wednesday?

Visit the Barry’s Bootcamp Website for more info. Follow my daily progress by checking out the Live Like a VIP Fitness Section

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