Live Like A VIP Editor Zoe Hosts Fabulous Get Rich Blogging Book Launch


There’s only one thing you should have on your reading list right now and that is Get Rich Blogging. It tells the story of how I left newspapers to set up a blog and I interview bloggers who went before me and who have already earned hundreds of thousands from their blogs.

Let me ask you a question – do you want to have some extra cash in your pocket? Celebs like legendary make-up artist Gary Cockerill and PR and design guru Phill Turner are doing well already but they still like the book as you can see above. And check out The Streets singer turned actor Leo Ihenacho with his mitts on the book below.


As the book is about blogging, the Live Like a VIP team took over the Google Campus building in trendy Shoreditch. Kimberly Garner travelled all the way from Chelsea to add some glamour to the evening. She’s no longer in Made In Chelsea TV show because she’s way too busy -she’s starting a blog soon so we gave talked WordPress and SEO and all things geeky before letting her go off to get some Bellussi Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

2Kimberley Garner

The night was so well attended and filled with gossip that I am almost overwhelmed. Let’s take it step by step. Here are the best bits:

We must start with the artist Pandemonia who was suffering from post fashion week exhaustion.She attended most shows and yet found the energy to come and learn more about our blogging book. She has a blog already, which you can check out here. All the coolest people have blogs!


There were even celebrity WAR as music met sport on the Google fussball tables. The singer Zalon, who you may know from his work with Amy Winehouse, and Leo Ihenacho (on the left in the photo below) took on Stef Martin and Derrick Twum, who are celeb personal trainers from MEM Fitness. Who won? Well, it would be pretty embarrassing if MEM Fitness lost wouldn’t it?


Harry Maxwell from The Young Apprentice led Zoe astray. He’s got a successful business by day – check out the amazingly honest website Legit Hotels here – but by night he’s a party animal and master of the pose, when it comes to getting his photo taken. She’s pointing at his pout in the photo below. Cheekbones in, suck it in and work it baby!


Getting tips from Harry encouraged me to take lots more photos with my party guests. If you look below and start at the top right going clockwise you’ll see Pandemonia, Zoe and London socialite Basia Briggs. Zoe and Made in Chelsea star turned model and blogger Kimberly Garner, Zoe and fashion blogger Cris Polizzi, Zoe and hairdresser to the stars Sinead Kelly, Zoe and singer / actor Leo Ihenacho. How gorgeous did everyone look?


And I was so proud of how hot the Live Like A VIP writers looked. Jessica and Vivian (below) were angelic, literally…


Meanwhile Live Like A VIP’s Tajha matched angel wings with a leather dress – very cool!


Actually, most people will probably look even better the day after the party thanks to the goodybags they all took away (more of that at the end of the post)…

But  back to the PARTY, the Live Like a VIP team always try to add some magic to proceedings.The supremely talented Sav, The Deceptionist, devised magic tricks themed around the book. So impressive!

2For Zoe (34)

We created a delicious centrepiece of treats with Krispy Kreme doughnuts  – which are the VIPs of the donut world –  and added to the indulgence with Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which really are special. As the book is called Get Rich blogging, I wanted to have the most luxurious of snacks and these certainly were that.


When it comes toluxury, however, the goody bags everyone left with topped everything! Phil and Gary said it was  the best goody bags they’d had in ages and Kimberly Garner told us she was thinking about changing her hair colour and was intrigued by the new Colour B4, the world’s first ever hair colour remover.


The goodybags contained DGJ Organics Shampoo and conditioner, the super premium Hyde London Body Wash and Moisturiser, Palmolive Soft and Gentle Deodrant, Zico Coconut Water, Kenco Millicano coffee stick packs and Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover.

And if all this has intrigued you and you want to buy Get Rich Blogging, you can pick it up at Amazon here.


 SPECIAL THANKS TO: Google Campus, Multimedia Consultant Stephen Mahoney, Photographer Chris Harvey, The Live Like a VIP team Angels Tajha, Vivian and Jessica and Medichem International

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