Swap Colour Like Katy Perry For Just £10


If you are anything like Katy Perry and goes from blue to pink tresses from one month to another, you would know how much of a pain it is to get your natural colour back.

However, we have news of something that can help her- and you – change  black tresses back to blonde to blue without stripping  hair of any moisture. And most importantly, without breaking the bank!

It’s all with the aid of girls must-have hair product – ColourB4 – a new hair dye remover product with no bleach and ammonia that starts from just £10! It will ease the stress off stripping your hair back to its natural shade without damaging it’s natural pigment, which other products eventually do.


But how do the team at Live Like A VIP believe that this is a trustworthy product? Qualified hair expert Mandy Baldwin  has jumped on the ColourB4 wagon as a spokeswoman for the product. Mandy qualified from the Institute of Trichology at the Hair and Scalp Hospital in Brixton and subsequently  and she went on to qualify as an electrologist  in electro-epilation of hair. She has worked alongside hair surgeons and now offers hair transplant surgery advice. When it comes to hair, Mandy knows it all and she is putting her name to Colour B4.

So if the experts are behind it, what’s stopping you? Starting at only £10, there is now no excuse to dye your hair and go back natural whenever you want like Katy Perry in a matter of hours! Get your ColourB4 here.

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