Celebrity Beauty Look: WAH! Nails Makeover!

WAH Girl Luxe Mani by WAH!

Used by: London Fashion Week designers such as Marc Jacobs, and celebrities like Lily Allen.

Where: WAH Nails, London Dalston. Call 0207 812 9889

OR: WAH Nails, Topshop Stratford. Call 0207 927 7844

What Happens: The fingernails are stripped of any nail paint and chemicals which might be damaging the strength of the nails. Then the cuticles are soaked until soft and a light cream is massaged in so it makes them easier to cut and push back. The nails are then buffed to make them super soft and shiny, while the nails are shaped. You can then relax while you get the best hand massage you may ever receive. The polish will then be applied; we like the WAH leopard print. To finish the experience off, a cuticle oil is applied and massaged into the nail bed. You will look and feel a million dollars and have nails Nicki Minaj will be proud of!

Price: £36

Visit WAH Nails website.

Zoe Griffin

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