VIP West End Musical Tip: Spice Girls


Just when you thought they would never have another comeback the Spice Girls reunited last night to attend the press night of the musical based on their songs. We thought the comeback tour was their final goodbye then they did the Olympics closing ceremony and now this. What’s next? A concert on the moon?

However, the night started with a bit of drama as only four of the women (they’re not girls any longer) arrived together. After we stopped questioning what on earth was Geri thinking with her dress, we wondered where was our favourite Spice, Victoria? She turned up late with hubby David and her family and then actually left before the show and hardly posed for any pics with the rest of the girls. Strange?


The night wasn’t really about gossip, we just wanted to see if it’s worth the ticket prices. It’s booked up so much that only £57 and £86 tickets are currently available online. EEEK!

This is the cast – Hannah John Kamen plays Viva and she is  joined by Lucy Phelps, Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Siobhan Athwa, who play her friends.


Viva and her pals put a video of themselves performing a song on YouTube and then they’re head-hunted for a TV talent show. There’s pressure for Viva to go solo, but her mother protects her like a lioness because there’s a secret she doesn’t want the media to get hold of.

There’s drama about tattoos, about going solo, about how fame tests friendships and mother-daughter relationships and it’s actually deeper than you’d expect from a musical based on songs from a girlband written by a comedienne (Jennifer Saunders). If you’re worried about anyone craving to be famous for the sake of being famous, take them to this show and they may learn that fame without a talent to back it up is not all its cracked up to be.

Book tickets here if you fancy it.

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