Beauty Look: Mary Kay TimeWise Repair

Used By: Live Like A VIPs Zoe and Joanna tested it at the launch at the Dorchester Hotel Spa. We’re using it – is that good enough for you?

Where: You can use this product in the comfort of your home, bringing the spa like feel to wherever you are

What Happens: The first item in the Mary Kay kit is a foaming cleanser. After putting this on the back of my hand and mixing it with water, I was happily surprised to see a little goes a long way. After wiping it off with a flannel and comparing it to the hand that hadn’t been washed, I could actually see that one was cleaner than the other. It doesn’t have much of a smell as Mary Kay has tried to avoid fragrance chemicals but this makes it lighter and it doesn’t clog the skin like some cleansers I’ve tried.

One of the key products in the kit is a Volu-Firm lifting serum, which contains plant stem cells that help protect the skin matrix, the source of skin firmness. Apparently there’s also something called a biomimetic peptide that supports processes critical for skin repair but I gloss over at the scientific language, I think you can tell if a product is good for you by feeling it and as I smoothed it over my hand and then into my cheek to test it out, the cooling effect almost made me sigh out loud. It’s decadently thick without being greasy.

A Day Cream and a Night Cream complete the kit with my personal favourite – the Volu-Firm Eye Renewal cream (above). Specially designed to be kind to the delicate area underneath the eye, this is one of the lightest, feather like creams I’ve ever tried. For ease of application, it has a silver end so you can use it to massage the cream into your eye area without dabbing it one with your fingers. Because the under eye area is so sensitive, if you pat it on with your fingertips you can cause infections or irritate the skin so the silver applicator is perfectly designed for the job.

Cost: It’s a premium product so it’s not as cheap as the skin products you can buy in high street stores like Boots but it is reasonable when you compare it to products like Dermalogica or Elemis. There are five products in the kit and it’s £160. Bearing in mind that each kit lasts three months, this is the equivalent of £55 a month and that’s for all five products. (If you’re intrigued then visit the Mary Kay website to buy)


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