Beauty Look: Anesis OPI Manicure and Pedicure


Anesis OPI Manicure and Pedicure

Used By: Celebrities who are in desperate need of some hand and feet TLC. Whether they are going to a premiere or a fabulous party it is the perfect treatment to give your outfit that polished look. The Made in Chelsea girls love it here, check out Rosie and Kimberley Garner loving the treatments at Anesis.


Where: Anesis Spa, Clapham. Call 0207 627 1500

What happens: Close enough to central London to just hop on the tube, but far away enough to just simply relax.  Anesis is the only place to sit back and have your nails shaped and painted to perfection.

Using OPI nail polishes, the dual treatment (there is someone working on your hands and feet simultaneously), is perfect for those who want an intensive hand and foot treatment.

After any existing polish is removed from both the hands and feet, the nails and toenails are shaped to your specifications, rounded, pointed or squared. You are then treated to a foot and hand soak to soften the nails and skin. Next, the talented therapists get to work on your cuticles, pushing them back and giving them a trim. The feet are then pumiced to remove any hard skin, whilst the hands are treated to a massage with a gloriously thick and moisturizing lotion. The feet are then coated in a rejuvenating foot mask and placed back in the foot spa containing a delicious OPI soak. Whilst your feet are slowly being softened, your nails are prepped for paint – a base coat will be applied to stop staining and to ensure a smoother, longer lasting finish. This is followed by two coats of your choice from a glittering array of OPI shades and finally finished to perfection with a chip resistant topcoat.

Whilst the nails are drying, paint is applied to the toenails, with a topcoat to protect the polish and give a nice finish. Voila! The nail transformation is complete.

You will walk out looking pretty and feeling extremely relaxed – just make sure you bring some flip flops with you to stop the polish from smudging!

Cost: £75

Visit the Anesis website for more information.

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