Celebrity Facial: Microdermabrasion At Freedomhealth


Used by: Freedomhealth on Harley Street has been visited by TONS of celebrities! They’re very discreet about client confidentiality but Angelina Jolie is known to be a big fan of the treatment that I tried, microdermabrasion.

Where: Freedom Health, 60 Harley Street London. Call 020 3642 7842

What Happens: Freedomhealth offer a huge variety of treatments to transform the skin and make every woman look fabulous, so I started by scanning the treatment menu and working out exactly what to have. Click here if you’re interested in seeing excatly what can be done, thanks to new medical technology.

I chose Microdermabrasion; a fast, effective and non-evasive treatment that scrubs your skin to within an inch of its life and means that you leave the clinc feeling clean and refreshed. Check out my after photo below to see how healthy my skin looked. I could get asked for ID when buying Champagne, looking like this?

The Harley Street doctors use Derma Genesis Medical Microderm to deeply exfoliate the skin and help stimulate deep collagen production. The machine produces a jet of crystals that are massaged against the skins surface, whilst the vacuum clears away dead skin cells. This is followed by a small needle like roller to wash a clarifying treatment into the skin and it ends with a refreshing face mask.

Thankfully, the procedure can be catered to your needs and sensitivity – even those with the fairest of skin can enjoy this A-List treatment. Make-up can be used straight away so I went out the same night and got lots of compliments!

Cost: £115 per session. The clinic advises you at least 4-6 sessions to see a dramatic difference.

You can book this treatment by calling 020 3642 7842 or visiting the website.

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