VIP Venue: The Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club is possibly the poshest members only venue in London and judging by the above picture, it is not hard to see why. Set in 42 acres of land and bordering the Thames, the setting for this exclusive club is breathtaking. The club hosts Polo Events and Grand Prix parties and its celebrity members range from the Royals to Tamara Ecclestone. Although the club is super exclusive, we still wanted to show you the experience you could have if you apply for membership.

The Georgian house dates back to the 18th Century and still has many of its original features – which makes it perfect for a quintessentially British afternoon tea party. The venue can be used for big celeb bashes, weddings or more intimate shindigs as there are many different wings of the building. If you want to host a party and be the talk of the town, we highly recommend you hire The Hurlingham Club – you don’t even have to be a member to do this.

What you have to remember about The Hurlingham Club is that the calibre of celebrity and VIP members is high. Generally you will only find the A list here because of its strict membership rules and the waiting list is ten years long, (we imagine they give certain VIPs a head start). The club hosts may showbiz events, so to check red carpet updates we recommend you visit Imetastar.com or cravengossip.com to start star spotting.

If you want your birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary hosted in a super luxurious setting then this is what we recommend:

HOW TO GET IN: You need to be a member. It is impossible for you to get in without a membership, unless you are hosting a party. Currently the membership list is TEN YEARS long, so you had better get on it now if you want a chance of going there before withdrawing your pension. To apply for membership call 020 7610 7467 or visit the website.

HOW MUCH TO PAY: It’s not cheap. Membership can vary and can be different with each client. But you do have to pay £150 to get on the membership list.

THE YAYS: (1) Its Fulham location is amazing and the building looks like The White House. (2) The entire estate is beautiful – and watching the gorgeous guys play Polo in the summer is an added bonus.(3) Celebrities love The Hurlingham Club, so star spotting will not be a problem.

THE NAYS: (1) It’s a private members club so the chance of you getting in without a membership is almost impossible. (2) The other party goers are super posh, so if the Chelsea scene is not your thing then stay away from this club. (3) It is expensive and that is just the membership – wait until you see the drink prices.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN: You would of enjoyed the lavish surroundings and mingled with the VIP guests – and you will certainly want to go back again and again. Last time we attended a lavish bash we bumped into footballer Jermain Defoe on the dancefloor – and boy can he shake his thing.


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