Beauty Essential: Steve Whatley’s Zhuzh! Tan Boosters

Steve Whatley’s Zhuh! Tan Accelerator

Used by: Zoe used the Tan Lock In And Saver in Majorca, you can see from the photo above. She also used the Best Of Both, a tan accelerator and a gradual self-tan in one tube.

Where: You can buy Steve Whatley Zhuzh! products from here.

What happens: Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator preps and primes the skin before exposing it to sun rays. As soon as you step in front of the sun your tan will develop faster than usual. The lotion works by speeding up the body’s melanin reaction to UV light, which develops a richer skin colour and it means your time sunbathing is halved. The ingredients not only give you a nicer tan but improves the elasticity of the skin and smoothes out any dry patches – it moisturises as well as helps a tan to form. Wowzers.

The Lock In saves your colour, which means it won’t fade as soon as you get back to rainy Britain. Whereas our fave product, the best of both, means you’re guaranteed a tan even if the weather isn’t great.

Cost: Depends on the product but the Tan Lock In And Saver is £15.99 for 200ml. It’s so worth it – as you an see from my colour below.

Zoe Griffin

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