Beauty Look: Matrix Biolage Hair Balm

Matrix Biolage Hair balm

Used by: Kelly Rowland is a fan of straightening her hair so she used Matrix hair balm to keep it moisturize and looking healthy.

Where: The product is applied at home. Put a handful of treatment onto damp hair after its been washed, moisturise it into your head and then rinse it out. You can buy the treatment from many online beauty websites.

What happens: The treatment moisturises hair by stopping the dehydration cycle with the Anti-Dry care of Aloe and Passion Fruit. Your hair will be revitalised and feel healthy again, making it easier to manage. It is a particularly good treatment in the summer months when hair tends to get dry from the sun.

Cost: This particular product costs around £10.50 but other products in the same range cost more depending on what they do.




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