VIP Cheryl Cole News: Fight, Fight, Fight!!

Oh deary me! Has Cheryl Cole got herself into another celebrity argument? This time, it seems the pop Princess has gone to war with her former protegee, Cher Lloyd. Swagger Jagger singer Cher appeared to be making fun of her former mentor during an interview on the Real Breakfast, for Real Radio. When the presenter asked her if she would sing with Cheryl, Cher replied: “Maybe if she sings live with me.”

When the singer was asked if she thought Cheryl would find this tough, the teen simply replied, “well it is nowadays, when you haven’t got the nifty little button to press.” Ouch!!

In true Geordie style, Chezza hit back at the teen’s comments through Twitter. The Girls Aloud star took to Twitter and blasted her ‘mini-me.’ “Be careful who you kick on your way up…They kick you twice as hard on your way down.” Something tells us that the duet will not be happening in the near future.

This isn’t the first fight the Geordie lass has managed to get herself into. We’ve sifted through the best ones to create our top ten!

1.) MC Harvey, 2012.

Cheryl and Harvey had a full on Twitter war last week, when he So Solid star claimed he was having a secret relationship with her.

2.) Lily Allen, 2007.

Lily had said Cheryl’s music was awful, so the X-Factor judge branded the Smile star a, ‘Chick with a D**k.’ Now that’s not very nice is it Cheryl?

3.) Charlotte Church, 2005.


In 2005, Charlotte Church branded Cheryl a “cow,” and went on to say Girls Aloud were, “five dogs without balls.” Cheryl hit back by slamming the opera star, calling her, “a nasty little piece of work with a fat head.” Come on girls, lets try and be friends shall we?

4.) Cher Lloyd, 2012.

A Twitter war between the X-Factor stars, surely not?

5.) Pete Doherty, 2007.

The gobby Girls Aloud singer branded ex-Libertines singer, Pete Doherty, “a waste of fresh air.” The star then went on to say he was a, “junkie idiot.” We’re pretty sure though that Pete didn’t care!

6.) Nadine Coyle, 2010.

Cheryl managed to put her foot in it, with fellow band mate, Nadine Coyle. Nadine tweeted that she had written a duet Cheryl, only to be shot down by her mate on live radio. Miss Cole brandished the claims as, “weird.”

7.) Nicole Scherzinger, 2011.

The axed X-Factor judge took a swipe at the rival by commenting on her outfit of choice. Cheryl was being interviewed by Lorraine Kelly about the X-Factor and fashion disaster. The former judge made a catty comment about her predecessor Nicole, “I’m not being funny, but everyone else started wearing orange and purple. It’s a fact.” Hmmm, could  she be talking about Nicole’s above outfit?

8.) Paula Abdul, 2011.

American Idol veteran, Paula Abdul was at the end of Chezza’s acid tongue. The singer called Paula a, “has been.”

9.) Ashley Cole, 2011.

Ex-hubby, Ashley Cole has always been at the end of Cheryl’s rants. The Chelsea star has cheated on her and humiliated her, so we think he kind of deserves it!

10.) Mrs Amogbokpa, 2003.

Way back in 2003 Cheryl allegedly punched toilet attendant, Mrs Amogbokpa in a Guilford nightclub. The case went to court and the singer was found guilty of assault.

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