Cocktail Of The Week: Illiana


Zenna is London’s only Indian cocktail bar – situated under restaurant Red Fort on Dean St in Soho – and its exotic cocktail creations use ingredients such as sweet spices, lemongrass, almonds and ginger.

However, the Illiana is not so sweet. Named after the mythological Indian golden dragon, it holds the title of the ‚Äòworld’s hottest cocktail’ yet it contains merely one drop of the secret chilli potion (which we learned is 40 times the strength of tabasco sauce!). Before drinking it you must sign a waiver form  and resident mixologist Dan Thomson kindly also provides a fire extinguisher sidekick made from ice cold Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lemon and Soda water which he says ‘,will help a bit’, before setting the drink alight before you (as if it wasn’t hot enough).

Apparently anyone managing to drink one also gets a certificate of commendation, but sadly we only managed three sips!

Zenna is running a number of Tasting Classes through the summer, showcasing different spirits and demonstrating cocktails. Check out for more details.


Glass: Tumbler

Garnish: Something to set on FIRE!

Ingredients: Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum, Orange Curacao, Almond syrup, Lime and Orange juice and Zenna bar’s secret chilli potion

Method: Make sure you have something cool on the side (ie yogurt / lassis) for when you’re unable to drink any more. Add all the ingredients except the chilli potion and shake well. Drizzle the chilli into the glass and stir. Try not to cry when you taste the extreme spiciness.

This is a drink to sip to show off to your friends – there is no point drinking it alone because it’s not about taste it’s about displaying bravery!


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